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Who We Are

It all started with several men, an advertisement and a vision. In early September 1982, our club was officially formed and titled the Waynesborough Model Railroad Club named after the original settlement in the area during the colonial days. Throughout the years the club has moved a few times and eventually settled in our current home off Mulberry street due to the generosity of one our charter club members. While the faces around our club have changed over the years, we've never lost our initial vision that our founding members have set forth for us.  

Our Layout

Our Layout is completely HO Scale


Mostly Double Track

Aside from a few single track sections, our main line is double tracked for continuous operation and reducing congestion on the layout.


Ample Space

The layout is approximately, 20 feet by 56 feet and fills our entire space. Perfect for running all sorts of trains from light engine to mile-long manifests with Mid-DPUs. 


A Switcher's Dream

We have two grain facilities, two scrap industries, 3 small yards, an large classification yard, a lumber mill, a cement plant, several towns along our line, and a branch line up the mountain.


Advanced Tech

Our Layout boasts some of the more modern technology that the model railroad world utilizes for both operations and convenience. Our layout is powered by Digitrax DCC with JMRI. You can even control your train with your smartphone thanks to the WiThrottle service.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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