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It all started with several men, an advertisement and a vision. In early September 1982, our club was officially formed and titled the Waynesborough Model Railroad Club named after the original settlement in the area during the colonial days. Throughout the years the club has moved a few times and eventually settled in our current home off Mulberry street due to the generosity of one our charter club members. While the faces around our club have changed over the years, we've never lost our initial vision that our founding members have set forth for us.  



Our layout fills a storefront that is approximately 3000 square-feet and is entirely HO Scale. We have dual mainline tracks with a few single track areas, perfect for realistic operations. There is plenty of room to run locals and 90+ car trains. We have several industries including, two grain facilities, two scrap industries, 3 yards, a lumber mill, a cement plant, and several towns along our line. It's a humble work in progress, but, we are proud of where we've come. Some other key features about our layout:

  • 3 Yards - Perfect for switching operations. 

  • A mountain section, an excellent location for mountain operations.

  • A port section for switching operations. 

  • Several passenger stations along our mainline and branch lines.  

We use Digitrax to power our layout. We also have a WiThrottle server available for users using WiThrottle or Engine Driver. 




We have everything from steam engines, to modern diesel engines, and even Thomas and Friends. If it runs on DCC, its welcome. 


Our club rosters various individuals all across eastern NC. We invite anyone and everyone who shares in our mission of running trains with no drama. 


That dreaded word, no worries, most of us hate it too. We form a democracy, with all members having equal say. It is our goal to keep politics to a minimum.


We love hosting events for the public. Whether it's our regularly scheduled open house or a special event, it is our goal to spread the joy that this hobby brings to others!

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